Saturday, July 3, 2010

Diggers and Dumptrucks!

Asher has a book called "Diggers and Dumptrucks" and he LOVES reading it over and over again! So, you can imagine his excitement when he spotted a REAL digger (I think it's actually a backhoe--anyone? The "digger" part is cut off in these pictures.) Anyway, we went up to stay at a cabin for the weekend a couple of weeks ago (thanks, Fletchers!), and they had this AWESOME piece of machinery sitting in their yard. Once Asher saw it, he wouldn't let us forget it was out there--it was the most requested item the whole weekend!

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ha ha! I did it!

Okay, for those who spoke it is! I've FINALLY posted again! :-) I have a TON of pictures to choose from (as I'm sure you can guess), but here's the one I chose for now, and hope to have more follow soon. Here's Asher playing with his new water "table." It's really a big plastic sink and he LOVES it! Of course, Asher still loves pretty much all things water, so this was a pretty safe bet. So, now that I've posted, I better get some comments to know that there are still people out here who check this blog!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jesus Loves Me!

These videos are from over a month ago--actually almost 2 months ago! And like the previous post, Asher has gotten much better since then (even singing the 2nd verse, now!), but this is when Asher had just begun singing "Jesus Loves Me" with us. Such a precious little voice. :-) Don't you agree?!

And here I caught Asher singing all by himself "Yes Jesus Loves ME! The Bible tells me so! Yay!" I LOVE how he's almost shouting it, and he kept doing this over and over and over! Asher may not know who Jesus is, yet, but it makes me happy that he knows this song already and will be able to ask questions about it soon so that we can teach him about the Truth that is in it!


This video clip is almost 3 months old, but I had to start somewhere, right? I remember taking this video because Asher was playing with his "cell phone" and started saying, "hello!" He hadn't really said this word before, so it was very exciting at the time. His vocabulary has since exploded and I hopeto show more of that in future posts.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

To "tide you over" until I have more time...

I KNOW it has been forever since I've posted anything and I WAS gonna do a bunch of blogging tonight, but it took my computer SO LONG to upload all my pictures and videos that now I don't have time to blog! So, I'll leave you with this one picture of Asher for now, because he's just so darn CUTE in it! :-) I will try VERY hard to have more time soon!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the EXPERT spinner

Here's what Asher's "spinning" looks like these days. Notice the effortless skill he uses to get the bowls going! I don't know why he's shaking his hand like that. He doesn't do that most of the time. Maybe he was just excited this day. Hope you likey!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cruise on Canyon Lake

While my parents were in town (near the end of May) we went for a cruise on the Dolly Steamboat on Canyon Lake, and this is what Asher spent some of his time doing. Crazy boy! (He looks a little drunk at the end, but I promise there was nothing but WATER in that green cup he picked up!)